What GEA programmes can do for you

Services to Governments for trade missions:

Amongst our many tailored programmes is included a 12 month programme, where each company is assigned a ‘Non-Executive Adviser’ to work with you to achieve your specific goals.

Nothing generic is involved - it is all tailored to you as an individual company.

We also have a large community  of sector experts on all the key areas of business for SMEs including legal, accounting, IP protection, finance, marketing , brand and PR and more - every area you need.

Being founded by an Entrepreneur, the  programmes benefit from having  both fixed and fluid elements  and  includes monthly training ‘boot camps’ on more specific business issues as well as a weekly one on one advisory sessions.

We also  arrange key meetings on your behalf  with financiers, potential customers and possible partners and prepare you specifically for each meeting.

We offer you just what you would get if you had a Non-Executive Director and more for a minimal cost.

Clients, Programmes and Events:


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